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It's cold

don't stay in bed often in the morning

remember to eat breakfast

drink some hot milk

eat some hot food

otherwise you will be hungry and cold

eat less bread and snacks

the weather will be cold in the morning and evening

wear more

don't always love beauty

don't be hot

buy a pair of cotton shoes with cold feet

will be very comfortable

wear scarf gloves

don't be ugly

choose aluminum alloy doors and windows

be sure to choose good quality Of

choose sound insulation and heat insulation

damp proof and wind resistant pressure


don't install aluminum alloy doors and windows in rainy days

low temperature

skin is easy to dry

mouth and lip bleeding

it will be much better to drink hot water at ordinary times

don't stay up late more than 12 o'clock at night

it's bad for your body

soak a hot foot before going to bed

accelerate blood circulation

feet are too cold, and frostbite will grow

itchy, swollen and painful

less Internet access and less mobile phone play

sad and unhappy

leave me a message

it's always better to say it

love yourself well

take care of yourself

, you know





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