If you love me enough, decorate the house like thi

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If you love me enough, decorate the house like this

many people like the atmospheric American decoration. In fact, integrating some rural flavor into the American style can show a different charm. This house covers an area of 130 square meters and is decorated in American pastoral style, which is particularly amazing. Especially on the soft clothes, the collocation is super beautiful and warm


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▲ was it beautiful at first sight? The red porch background wall is really sunny. Every friend who comes home says that the color matching is amazing. Floret bricks of various colors and shoe cabinets are also super matched

living room

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▲ the red Tianzi tablecloth is spread on the tea table and matched with Hydrangea to create a warm atmosphere. A few pillows on the gray cloth sofa also highlight the style of atmosphere

▲ the TV background wall is specially designed to feel like a forest! Symmetrical storage cabinets are also made on both sides, in which all scattered items can be placed


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▲ the restaurant and kitchen belong to the same space, but are separated by a storage desk. The small table is covered with light blue tablecloth and some flowers. This should be the look that many people like

▲ the wall uses dark green tones and hangs two decorative paintings. It's really beautiful! Practical card seat design is made along the wall, which can also be used as a leisure area when not eating

master bedroom

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▲ the furniture in the master bedroom is naturally atmospheric American style, with some floral fabric art, emitting a strong pastoral atmosphere. The lower end of the bed is also made into a practical storage drawer, which can store things

second bedroom

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▲ the child is still young, usually sleeps in a crib, and can also be used as her children's room when she grows up. An overcoat cabinet was made along the wall, mainly for practical functions

▲ a long desk is built at the lower end of the bay window, and the embarrassing positions are effectively used. It's also good to work here when the child is asleep. When she grows up, she can be of great use


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▲ the bathroom is separated from a shower area by a glass sliding door, and the small flower bricks behind the toilet add a lot of color to the space. Even the mirror was made into a storage cabinet. Sure enough, I didn't want to waste any space


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▲ in fact, I like the balcony very much. The brown floor tiles have a retro taste. On one side, I raised a lot of green plants on the shelf, and on the other side, I built a small bar. It's good to drink and chat

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