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Strive to achieve your dreams and shine with youth - yuetongchuang 2018 regional marketing conference was successfully held

on January 19, 2018, the 2018 regional marketing meeting of yuetongchuang doors and windows, with "efforts to achieve dreams; youth, shine" as the main body, was successfully held

Mr. Huang, chairman of the group, and Mr. Lin, chief financial officer, attended the meeting as invited guests. Mr. Deng, marketing director of yuetongchuang, Mr. Chen, the company's consultant, and his team members participated in the meeting

at the meeting, the regional managers made a summary report on 2017 one by one, and stated their work plan for 2018

2017 is a year for yuetongchuang people to work together and forge ahead

looking back on this year, yuetongchuang's marketing team actively carried forward the wolf team spirit of "come when you are called, fight when you come, and be invincible", conquered customers with excellent quality and exquisite service, sang all the way, achieved good results repeatedly, and made outstanding contributions to the achievement of the company's business goals

"work hard to achieve your dreams; youth, shine"

yes, there is no gain without paying

it is the vigorous and positive spirit of every yuetongchuang person that creates a team that will always strive for progress

it is the unremitting efforts and sincere cooperation of every yuetongchuang person that condenses a brand pursuing excellence

after the summary statement of the regional managers, Mr. Huang, Mr. Deng and Mr. Chen made summary speeches at the meeting one after another

at the meeting, Mr. Huang led everyone to review the achievements of yuetongchuang in 2017, and sent sincere thanks to the colleagues who stuck to various positions

2018, I believe that all members of the yuetongchuang family will, as your leaders said, strengthen confidence, move forward wisely, drive the development of yuetongchuang with organization, talent, market, products and services, and work together to achieve better results

for more than ten years, yuetongchuang doors and windows has been committed to building high-end doors and windows, and is the initiator and communicator of Oriental top-quality life. Xiangyue doors and windows people continue to forge ahead and repay the favor and love of our customers with the most oriental aesthetic products and high-quality services. In the future, we will also work harder to create better quality doors and windows and more comfortable rooms for our users




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