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This First Person column is written by Jina Leestates_and_union_territories_of_india, a mom of two girls including an autistic preschooler. For more information about CBC’s First Person stories, please see the FAQ.?

The disability community is the largest minority group in the world and yet, like most of my peers, I grew up isolated from this community. My classrooms and social groups were ethnically, culturallyb41bfad3-b8b3-4c39-9f2f-7a1947c955fe, and socio-economically diverse, but I can’t recall a single classmate who had a disability. The great tragedy of this siloed upbringing is that the first disabled person I ever loved was my daughter MimiOutdoor sports and recreational activities.?

Mimi is an affectionate non-speaking autistic preschooler with a delicate face framed by a most unfortunate pandemic home haircut. She adores animals and physics and — do not fight me here — she is objectively the cutest human alive.?

Mimi was diagnosed at the age of two and the first time the word “autism” was spoken, I was filled with fear. I now know that this fear was based in my ignorance and ableism. I have since begun a journey of identifying and shedding my unconscious prejudice, mostly through the generous teachings of the autistic community:1619173444685,, including autistic parents of autistic childrenThe current surge has hit hardest in Western Maharashtra state, home t.?

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