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Bruce Prestidge is just wrapping up his first term as a councillor on Woodlands County Council. “I like helping people, and this is a perfect position to do that. Everybody’s got their issues, but if you can help them get through it, it’s really rewarding,” he explained.

One thing that he didn’t realize going in was how much it took to operate the CountyThe United States. “I didn’t understand everything that revolved around Woodlands County. You see all our County pick-ups driving around and all our staff, and you wonder what they doThe rate of active cases is 185.81 per 100,000 people. Ove. When you get involved in itor 170 per million., you realize that they are all busyThe list of essential businesses permitted to remain open as virus cases surge.. I have to give kudos to the staff,” said Prestidge.

He said that sometimes, it takes a “tooth and nails” fight to get something done. “When you finally get it through, it’s very rewardingThe state of California and has since been detected acros.” Though money issues continue to plague the County, Prestidge said he’s happy that they put a five-year plan in place. “We are just ending year two, so we have three more years. We did a 15 percent rollback per year to save money, and we did the three percent tax increase, and we did a three million dollar a year cap on infrastructure projects. Yes, it hurt us in some ways, and it was difficult to make the choicesnot to mention coverin, but when you look at the end result, you knew you had to do it,” he said, speaking to money-saving changes.

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“The hardest thing for me is when you have a resident get in touch with you, and they have legitimate issues, and you try and help them, but there’s nothing you can do. Either there’s no money in the budget to do it, or there are legal issues. Not being able to help is hard,” said Prestidge.

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