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I’d like to dedicate the article of this week to my youngest daughter Laura, now 12 years old. I have been wanting to write about herKevin Donovan, and our family experience for a long time, however I was not sure I should expose her, or that she wanted to be exposed. She started a new school in September, and it has been very challenging for her to find her own place in the new class, and the emotional breakouts have been many. After a walk in Palma this week where I counted up to 15 people (kids, adultsfor personal and organized gatherings and restrictions for recreational and business settings will be lifted., male, female) all staring right at herCouncil will also as, I asked her “Would you like me to write about you and the Cochlear implants, so more people understand what it is?” she said YES immediately.

Baby Laura was a happy girl who joined her big sister everywhere. She passed all hearing tests at the paediatrician, and they were normal. At 9 months, she had her first ear infection. It was not a big deal; she came down with a temperature and we had some experience since our first daughter had ear infections at an early age too, and had even been operated to put drainage tubes inside her ears. We commented on this to the first specialist we visited in the private clinic, but he waived the worries away and said it is perfectly normal, antibiotics would make her betterBut there are sign. But days passed and Laura did not get better. I begged for help. Over a month passed with more doctor visits, tests and finally the specialist agreed to a drainage operation at a private clinic in PalmaThe second wave o.

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But something was not right with her, even her teacher at the daycare said she was worried and so were we. On the same day she turned one, we got a lead on a German Otorino in Palma, and after 15 minutes he gave us the result. “I’m afraid your daughter is deaf.” My blood froze for a short moment, then I gathered myself and said “Ok, what’s next, what can we do to help her?” “Cochlear implant. She will be OK you will see, read up on the Cochlear implants,” he said as he sent us off. I had no experience, no one in the family was deaf or disabled.

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